Chiang Mai

John CAN cook afterall!!

Thai food

The guest house we are staying in is another family run establishment and the mum/aunty is the sweetest lady ever. She talks to us a lot and this morning, after the usual greetings and telling us how cold it is (which of course it isn't for us) she disappeared and a few minutes later arrived back with a bunch of bananas in her hand “you want to try one of the organic bananas that I just pick from my garden Paula?” absolutely I did and John had one too – delicious!!

For me, an interesting part of any country I visit is the different foods and styles of cooking. I love Thai food, so it was only natural that at some point whilst in Thailand I would take a closer look at how to do it properly. John said he wanted to join me, so today with have been on a Thai cookery course and we had a great time.

Driving North And Fish Spa

Chiang Mai

The last few days we have spent travelling north and we are now in Chiang Mai. We made two overnight stops en-route at Uthai Thani and Tak. It would have been possible to comfortably make the journey with one stop over, or if you were really pushed for time you could do it over one long day, but we've just been moseying along taking our time and soaking in some of Thailand on the way.

The further north we drove the greener and more mountainous it became, I think we've also dropped a few degrees in temperature. Driving is easy here, Thai drivers are far more laid back than most you'd encounter in England, certainly outside of the cities anyway and if they see you need to come out, they make no hesitation in just allowing you the room and letting you make the manoeuvre you need to. I haven't seen any tailgating or other such behaviour – they do assume that you will give them the space they would readily give you, so occasionally it may seem like someone is cutting you up, but they aren't, it's a way of life to allow each other space without becoming angry, this has been our experience so far.

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