Another Piece In The Puzzle

Cameron Highlands Tea Plantations

We spent a couple of days in the Cameron Highlands. The days found us trying the delicacies at the local tea plantations, strawberry farms (of which the fresh fruits are delicious) and going on a drive taking in more of the scenery. We are in Malaysia at a time when it rains every afternoon, we get a downpour of rain and one day I just stood outside in it and got drenched through to the skin – it was fantastic. Each day in the mountains we had a glorious thunderstorm and watching the lightening arching across the sky, followed by the dramatic booms of thunder were another reminder of the beauty of nature.

Fried banana seems to be big here and we stopped at a stall at the side of the road to get some for brekkie on the way out of the mountains. The scenery in the Cameron Highlands was beautiful, but even there all the towns were a mass of high rise hotels, KFC and other fast food chains.

Cameron Highlands Tea Plantations

We headed for the island of Penang in one last ditch attempt at discovering some of the Malaysia I had imagined. On arriving there we found yet another concrete jungle and we were both aghast by just how built up one small island could be. To get onto the island though we drove over Penang bridge, there are various distances on the internet for how long this actually is, but when we measured it, it came in at 9.2 kilometres long – which is an amazing feat of engineering and worth coming to this island just to drive across it.

We'd spent another day driving there and finally I just had to say that Malaysia wasn't for me. John readily agreed, it wasn't what he had been expecting either. There is nothing wrong with Malaysia and I know it appeals to many, but I just felt no passion for it at all. There are some beautiful beaches here, but each and every one of them that I saw was backed by huge built up complexes. There was never any sense of adventure here for me and nothing that grabbed my attention and left me wanting to seek out more. It's time to move on. I am glad I came here to see for myself, but I feel no sadness at leaving.

We are back in Kuala Lumpur this evening, where tomorrow we hand the hire car back and board a plane back to Cambodia, there are more adventures to be had there and in the surrounding areas and I am so, so looking forward to it!!