Malaysian Roadtrip

On Way To The Cameron Highlands 

I'm not sure why, but I don't really feel like I've connected with Malaysia yet and we have spent a number of days just driving around in the car somewhat aimlessly. It's been a strange time, I usually make all the decisions about where we go and what we do, as John is not normally bothered and is happy to do whatever I suggest. With me not being in a decisive mood it left us with no clear direction. The parts we have been to so far have been a lot more westernised and built up than I imagined it would be and it resulted in me looking for a flight to go somewhere else.

I sat looking at the map for hours and then remembered that one of the main places I wanted to see here in Malaysia was the Cameron Highlands, up in the mountains. It was almost at the other end of the country from where we were, but it seemed the answer right then to me. I showed John the map and discussed with him how long it would take to drive there and we decided we could make it in two days, if we just drove all day. Against other options John said that this was the right thing to do so we agreed we should just do it. So that has been the last two days we drove up the coast stopping at Mersing for lunch and arriving in Cherating early evening yesterday and today we got up and checked out at 7.30 in the morning, stopping at Kuala Terengganu for breakfast and Gua Musang for a late lunch.

The road across to the Cameron Highlands was just beautiful and it gave me inspiration again, for the first time since I've been here my head was clear and it's given me some focus again. We stopped a few times along the way to take photos, but I could have stopped a thousand times more.

Now we are in Berincang and plan to stop here for a few days to investigate the surrounding area, which I'm really looking forward to.